Monday, 9 December 2013

:Long Middles

It was a very busy weekend.  My special little guy turned 5.  His party was swimming and family and lots and lots of good things.  I think he had a wonderful day and so did grandma. His mom is still having trouble believing that her baby is 5!

I spent my knitting time this weekend knitting on that pretty green tunic.  It is actually starting to look like clothing and the shaping of this design is starting to really show up.

 You can't see it so clearly on this colour correct picture,  so let me try this.

You can just see how the shaping is happening on either side of that line of markers.  The pocket forms along here.  Its just kind of fascinating to watch it gently flow.  That gentle flow without a doubt is what attracted me to this pattern and I am so happy that my Daughter1 loves it too and wanted me to knit it for her.

And yes it is a real pleasure to knit for someone so tiny.  If there is anybody out there who knits small or medium and bemoans the middles of sweaters, quit whining. You do not know.  Trust me on this. 

I am in the middle on everything these days.  That Brioche eternity scarf is taking an eternity.  The Viajante is an awful lot of stitches now.  The eternity scarf is getting more of my time right now, but that is because it is probably needed under my Christmas tree.  

These are all projects in the middle, projects which need a lot more knitting till they are done.  And you know what?  I haven't been so pleased with all the things on my needles in a long time.  

I am as happy as a  piggy in a puddle in the very merry middle.  Which reminds me I have just a little bit of shopping to do!  Busy busy!

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Sel and Poivre said...

I am so with you on knitting smaller sizes - the idea of having to knit up a size larger for myself keeps me away from sweets and treats! Seriously!