Wednesday, 13 November 2013

For all that knitting is Important to me,

it is the other things that are the biggest part of life.  Knitting is big, but the things part of this blogger matter.  Today you get to share a little of that.

The photos from Son3 and my new daughter's wedding are in!

I love these photos because I love every person in them.  I love the way these wonderful people put everything together.  They did it all themselves right down to catering the dinner.,  It was a wonderful home cooked roast beef dinner.  Everything was handmade including the bouquets and done with love of family and friends.  

And of course, these photos were taken by Daughter1, the mommie of my Sweet Thing.


Sandra said...

gorgeous beyond words! I especially love the balloon ideas - just stunning. And in a world full of overdone weddings, I love the fact that this was done right. Emphasis on the MARRIAGE, not just the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are lovely photos. GD

Brendaknits said...

They are gorgeous pictures. Your photographer has a real talent. Such beautiful scenery. And ditto to Sandra's comments re overdone weddings.