Thursday, 14 November 2013

But there still is knitting

And now to update on actual knitting!  

My take along project while gone to Knitlab was a pair of socks, the makings of which are always in my bag, and the lovely Viajante.

I love knitting this.  There are only two places to watch.  The every second row decreases and the increases.  The places where these things happen are at the same spot on every row so it is remarkably easy to keep track.  
 Unless you are me and are knitting with friends.  Then you might forget a decrease or two.  I have to check, but this could be the case on a couple of rows.  I won't rip back unless miracles happened and I knit many more rows than I think I knit yesterday.  There should be plenty of ease to forgive a couple wee errors.  (see Oxford Dictionary, 'optimism' 'idiot')

I am very pleased at the way these strong colours are working up.  These colours preclude a lot of lacy patterning.  The colours are strong enough to hide any pattern you might want to knit but in a pattern like this, where shape and form and function are the king, the colours are really just splendid.
It seems to want to work into a very striped and interspersed looking knit except for that moment when I hit the yarns sweet spot.  I could have completely avoided this had I chosen to work with two balls of yarn at a time, but that is a lot of metres of trying to track two balls and I wanted to have some fun.  This interesting occasional pooling is going to be a feature patterning as it happens whenever I get to the next sweet spot in the yarn.  I accept that and I am kind of looking forward to it.

It is a lovely thing to work on as so many of Martina Behm's patterns are.  They are simple, and yet, it isn't something you can knit in your sleep.

It is the perfect thing for travel knitting that isn't a sock.


Sandra said...

I'm making VIajante as well - and trust me the missing or adding of increases and decreases is not noticed. THat's the joy of this.

Jessica Stevens said...

mommy needles it looks amazing