Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A few other bits and bobs

There were a few other little things that I picked up along the way while in San Matteo.

I found what must be the prettiest set of needles ever made, the prettiest in my personal possession to be sure.

ChiaGoo Blue Flower limited edition needles.  This set just tickles my fancy.

And then, once again in the extraordinary Galina Khamelev's Skaska Designs booth, a pin, but not just a plain pin.

A simple pennanular pin.  I have wanted one for the longest time.  It has already been well used and may very well be the easiest pin I have ever used on a shawl.  It just puts no stress on any of the fine threads individually, but holds it all together as a grouped stress and keeps everything just right.

And then because I need to think of smiling things and simple joys, 

My special Batman and his sidekick Boots.  Well, it is Dora the Explorers sidekick Boots!

I have to think more on the joys of these two and less on what sorrows there are in this world.


Sandra said...

Boota and Batman are adorable! As are the needles, and the pi - well, the pin is spectacular in its simplicity - my kind of pin.
It's good to see you finding joy when you can - I know it's not always easy.

Anonymous said...

They are ever so cute - the children, ok the pin and needles too although perhaps that isn't quite the right word for them. GD