Monday, 25 November 2013

And Now for Something Completely

Green.  Bet you thought I was going to say 'Different'.  That would have been plagiarism!

I completed my sweater on the weekend.  It was a 16 day sweater, and had I gone to a sleeve version, it would have been more.  As it is, the sleeveless version sort of fills a hole in my wardrobe right now that needs to be filled.  Sleeveless it is and I love it.  It needs blocking and the very few ends weaving it and some toggle buttons but none of that takes much time at all, not even blocking.  Winter blocking with a furnace running?  Piece of cake.  Finishing left my fingers open to new old challenges.  

I picked up this again.

This being my version of Vera Valimaki's Still Light tunic.  I know I have knit on it a bit on the past few months because it was out here is my day to day work basket rather than in the depths of the WIP basket where it has resided for a while.  I don't know when, but I know it wasn't much.  It was, for certain before I went into sweater mode. Sweater mode tends to wipe all other knitting out of my head.  Not that that is a bad thing.

I do love knitting this finer weight.  After the density of the sweater fabric, my hands are really appreciating the airy lightness of this tunic.

And the colour?  Oh my the colour of this yarn (Drops Alpaca). This colour really is the perfect morning knitting colour.  Just like the lush yellow and crisp white of my study gives me energy first thing in the morning, so too, does this crisp brilliant cadence of greens. A cadence because a green like this surely can best be described by this definition, 'a progression of chords moving to a harmonic close, point of rest, or sense of resolution'.

Knitting with it feels just like this.
Harmony, air, light, music. Things to be treasured and savored.

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Marihøna said...

I love that color! I knitted my Lemongrass in that colorway, though in a thicker yarn (Drops Nepal). Absolutely love it, and a Still Light will be awesome!