Friday, 22 November 2013

Another quiet day

My day started really early yesterday with my Sweet Thing.  I think Mommie needed a break and just slept through my little ones cries, and Sweet Thing needed some company, so my Sweet Thing and I sat and watched a Dora episode and had some juice and then when all was well, she was happy to go back to bed.  She ended up sleeping late and that was just fine after her long day the day before.  Doctor days are such trauma for her.  All those strange people in white coats...

Anyway, it ended up that I did almost no knitting.  Everytime I sat down, I dozed off.  Today my goal is to fix Paulett's scarf.  

Last spring when I finished it, we put a tiny row of very light buttons along the back so that if she wanted to wear it like a hood, she could.
I know that as i sewed them on, I tried to be very careful that I caught enough of the thread below to be stable and support the closed button.  It appears that I did not do a very good job, so I am going back to the drawing board and am going to reinforce the buttons with regular thread and then will tie the pretty looking short strand of yarn.

Its is a back to the drawing board sort of day.

Plus today my daughter 1 is taking her driving test.  It is expected to be snowing on top of the snow we received earlier this week.  She does well in the snow and has taken the test once before so we are confident that she will pass and will then have her own wheels.  Wish her luck and mojo!

PS.  she passed!  Good job mommie!

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