Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Well that was interesting

Our household was hit by a bit of a flu bug. With any luck at all, it will do itself in, in a day.  I did my usual version of the flu and considering my usual left me ambulatory, I played with Sweet Thing most of the day.  Mommy was in no shape to stand let alone sit, and by lunchtime, she cried 'uncle' and went to bed.

My knitting benefited from all this, as other than throwing a ball and playing peekaboo and chase with my wee one, I spent my time watching the fascinating play of a one year old with a kitty and knitting..  You should try this sometime.  Seriously fun. 

Today, I have a few errands, and maybe knitting group, depending on how mommy is feeling (I am right as rain), and one serious task that I am determined to complete today.

It is time to start on daughter 3's shawl.  I have 7 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Curiosity, a lovely soft lavender gray (or is a a gray lavender?) and all I need is a pattern.  Anybody who has spent time among the shawl search on Ravelry knows this is an epic task.  7 skeins is a lot of yarn for a wrap, but it gives me lots of choices and allows plenty of scope to suit the nature of a simple rectangular shawl.  If you intend to knit a warm shawl in a rectangle, wide enough for good back coverage, and long enough to toss securely over your shoulders, so that the ends stay put, you need a lot of yarn.   By request that is what this is going to be.  Now just to find the pattern.

If I don't come out for a day or two, you will know that I got stuck in the search.  Save me!

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