Monday, 21 October 2013

Rainbow Connecting

This feels right today.  I have no idea why, but it makes me smile.

This makes me smile too.

I am very pleased with the way the colours worked out and once washed, the yarn bloomed very nicely.  The band is thick and is still a little damp, so I am going to toss it in the dryer.  Again.  I can also see that I ought to have done a few more garter rows at the bottom so it wouldn't roll, but then the roll works right along with everything else in this pattern/yarn combination.  Very nice!

And plenty long, using right about 650 meters of yarn which is not quite all the yarn I had, but close enough to be a very good size.

Still knitting on the little girls sweater too.  I am down to the ribbing on the body.  Then sleeves and to fix that neck and add the button band and collar.  There is at least a good days worth of work left, maybe two, but it feels so close to being done if the body is done.  Funny how that goes.  

So, sit back, run the video and knit like there is no tomorrow.  Cause, well you know.  Don't waste the time you have. Think of rainbows.

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