Thursday, 24 October 2013

What happens when you get to looking at rainbows

What happens when you get to looking at rainbows, is you miss a day.  I had errands to do in town that meant I left the house at 5 a.m. and while waking that early isn't a problem, going out that early is.  Especially when you get your second cold in a month.  When I got home I took a nap. 

The other thing about looking at rainbows, is that it is the perfect time to knit little sweaters.

It fits her just perfectly without blocking so that means she will have enough room to grow once we block it.  Or maybe we won't and will just let wear add the blocking.

I still have to fix that neck and knit the front bands.  I am going to do the neckband and front bands in one piece.  That should happen today, I think,

In the minutes when I needed to knit but could not think about picking up stitches and such things, I worked on a little something else from the deep WIP basket.  Just about a year ago,  I started a Still Light tunic for my Daughter1 . 

I was using a yarn that was nice enough, but that just was not going to have the drape the original yarn had.  I bumped into the original yarn in the perfect colour and found exactly the right number of balls at the yarn store, and, well, there I am.  I have changed yarns and am knitting it the right way. I may have gone back a little but it will be so much better.

The thing about alpaca is it shows off your crappy knitting, but that doesn't mean a lot in the long haul.  Wear of the completed garment will mean the alpaca will weight itself down into smoothness and it is going to be fantastic. 

My fingers had forgotten how much they like working with Drops Alpaca.  I worked long into the evening, far longer than I should have, but it was all just so nice.

And that is what happens when there are Rainbow Connections about.

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