Monday, 21 October 2013

The Yarn Speaks

You know that little sweater I showed you last week?  The one I am knitting for my granddaughter?  

Yeah, that one. Did you ever get that feeling while knitting a sweater?  That feeling that what you are doing is horribly wrong and you ought to stop it right now?  

This sweater said that.  Over and over again, it shouted, "for the love of heaven, think what you are doing"  These things usually lead to the project ending up in the WIP pile and my WIP basket is full.  Stuffed actually.

It just seemed like the white yarn was capable of being so much more. The sweater was OK, but the yarn is very much more than OK. It is yummy and squishy and soft and lovely.It whispers through your fingers and you just know that it wants to cuddle your baby. All those good things and I decided to knit a sweater of leftovers and ends.  

It took me the better part of a day to come to the realization that what I was doing to that nice yarn was an atrocity.  I ripped it back set the pink stuff aside and just look at what trouble I have been up to.

I wasn't sure I was ready to bother of cables but the yarn absolutely said it needed to be cables.  Once I stopped worrying about what I wanted, which was a baby sweater, and paid attention to the best look for the yarn and the baby, it just sort of happened.  It is just below the armpits and it is all clear sailing from here.  Everything has been established, all the cables are in, all the increasing is done and all I have to do is a cable row in every 4.  Not too much to ask of a knitter, is it.  It is moving along wonderfully.

There are a few problems though.  I wasn't thinking at the neckline and that front is so high it would jump up and bop my Sweetie in the face.  I will redo the neck ribbing and take out a few rows at the front as I do so, to give it that nice soft, lower front that really great sweaters have.

Even so, knowing that I have a major fix on the way, I am pretty pleased with it so far.  The cables have been fun and are easy enough to remember.  The only place I crossed wrong was easy enough to fix by dropping stitches down.  Sure I had to do it twice but hey...

The yarn is quieter now.  It is doing just what it was meant to do.  It is happy and so am I.  

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Sandra said...

SOOOOO much better use of the yarn! As pretty as the pink was, this cream NEEDED to be gorgeous cables. Nice job!