Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Before I went too far


My baby sweater is too big, and needs pulling back and making smaller.  It won't bee too bad, but I really hate that when you are knitting along great guns and whammo, you need to rip back.  Tomorrow. (Or today as the case may be.)

I consoled myself knitting on Aethercopter.  Now according to my Ravelry page for this project, I have only been knitting this since May of 2011, which means it isn't all that old.  However, I have tried all sorts of things before I started this with this yarn.  It goes back, project wise to 2009, almost the dawn of my knitting.  The strong colours made pattern choice difficult.  

I think I struck it right this time.

The strong colours keep it busy but the small regular lace seems to work with it.  And, even more important, I have two similar but slightly different colours of yarn.
The ball shades white to light blues to medium blue and the skein shades softest gray to dark blue. I am going to be watching closely.  The yarn is so regularly coloured that pooling is a definite hazard.  At the same time, pooling might be a strong point with this combination of yarn and pattern.  I really won't know till I have knit on it a bit more.   

The yarn is street yarn from Kiev.  I teased Son1 into searching for it the first time he went to Kiev to meet his now wife (and mommie to my Sweet Thing).  It was bought at a street market.  It isn't a fancy yarn.  It is a sound acrylic and is fuzzy and sticky, but that fuzzy and sticky is really part of its charms.  I can't wait to see it once it is washed and dried and draping softly.  I am hoping for something wonderful to happen!

Anyway, while the spirit moves me, I will knit on this, and later, may fix my wee sweater.  But for now, before I go too far, coffee and a podcast or two.

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