Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New stuff to knit.

It feels as if I finished a ton of stuff the last while.  I haven't really, but it does feel good to get some things that hung on the needles forever, done.

So I have given myself the treat of starting a new sweater for my wee Sweet Thing. Since I only started it yesterday evening, I am pretty pleased with my progress.

I found some Cucciolo in the kids yarn stash.  This is a nice chunky yarn from the long gone Needful Yarns.  Even though I have 6 or 7 balls of this yarn, it somehow never got recorded in my stash.  Hmmm, wonder how that happened? Anyway it is a really great yarn for kids and there is plenty there to play with when I have no idea what it will be. Tunic or simple sweater?  I have lots of yarn.

I've added some frilly looking bits, a double strand of Ice Cream, a tiny dainty bobbly yarn from Adriafil.  Just a little fun and to pop in a little something to distract from any stains that may happen as they so often do on kids clothes.

Once this is done I have some mitten knitting to do.  Plain ordinary knit good and tight mittens for my Little Guy (son3s stepson) who likes plain mittens.  There needs to be some spares, in case a guy loses a mitten or two.  I know just the yarn for it too. Nice thick sock yarn. Washable.  Good stuff.  

Gee I wonder if that is listed in the stash?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I think that will be pretty. GD