Thursday, 17 October 2013

Something Old, Something New

I was putzing yesterday,  Going through boxes and boxes of stuff that has to be gone through sometime before next spring. When I putz along like that, I tend to think a lot about the state of things, the changes of things and what the heck do I want and need to keep with me, to move on.  In truth, but for the yarn, the books and my little blue cheap china collection, not a whole lot.  The problem, is, you see, that so much of what is here is what we were together.  It isn't that I want to lose that, but that life together lives in my heart, not in the stuff.  Since I did not get the choice to do what I wanted to and keep that life, I have to think about who I will be alone.   I do think about that a lot.

I got to thinking about bedding yesterday and that brought me to mind of something I have long thought about. It brought me to think of this project.  
This great big Blankie is made of Lion Brand Fishermans wool.  I had 2 of each of 5 colours.  It is massive. It is hanging here on the pool table (4x8.  Does anybody want a pool table?) and almost reached the floor on both sides.  It was wider than our Kingsize quilt upstairs and way to massive for the double it was used on.  It was used anyway because it was warm and I loved sleeping under it.  I have long thought about felting it smaller.

So yesterday I did.   

I tossed it in the machine and turned on the towel cycle with its long hot wash and cold rinse and it is just perfect.  It shrunk about 40 %.  It fits exactly how I wanted it to fit on this queen size bed, which is nicely across the bed but not all the way to the top.  Warm for my feet but not too hot on top.  Just right. Perfect for its eventual home on a double.  

Something old, something new all in one nice blanket.  I suspect that is how this process of becoming me alone will be.  The old will be felted into the new.  Not a bad thing at all and nothing to be afraid of. 


Mrs. Spit said...

Sending love.

Sandra said...

What a fantastic idea! A great way to take something good and make it great.
And my Mom is still navigating the "being alone with a bunch of together things" life, even after 18 years. It will work out for you.

Anonymous said...

And so the base coat of the painting is being laid. GD.