Monday, 9 September 2013

What Speaks to you

There are a series of commercials running here, that intrigue me.  what the commercials are for really doesn't matter, it is the concept of the commercial I find interesting.  They ask one simple question.

What speaks to you?  That one simple question and its myriad of answers.  Out of the context of the commercials of course, but what is it that speaks to you.

A baby's laugh.  A hug from someone you love.  A good ball of yarn. These are the obvious things of course, but the commercials are aimed at getting you to think about it all in a little  bit different way.  They lead you to think about the spaces in between the paint and the canvas and the spaces between notes on a page.

So that is what I am going to think about today.  What speaks to me, today, just in this moment?

Patches of sunlight breaking through the trees deep shade.  The smell of my coffee.  The twist of the yarn I am working with.  The way wool slips along itself as you prepare to spin.  These are the things I am thinking of today.

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