Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Solid Progress

I started a Noro sweater last last year or early this year, inspired by a Jane Ellison design, with a ribbed top, a deeply scooped neckline and a straight stockinette bottom.  RCY had a sample of the design from Mirasol, and  I knew there was a sister design out there somewhere for Noro, and I always felt that it would work for me, but its size range was no where near in my league.  I am reinterpreting it for me. A straight knockoff for which Ms. Ellison gets full credit for the design, but sadly, I have no way to pay her.  I guess I shall have to buy more Mirasol and support something she cares about instead!

When last you saw my Noro sweater, it was sans sleeves.  In fact, if I think about it, it was probably after my failed first sleeve.  

The first sleeve was huge.  I picked up in every stitch just like one usually does, but that did not work in a most spectacular way.  It almost wrapped around both of my arms!  I suspect this has something to do with the ribbed upper part of the body.

This is try two and it is just about the perfect size.  I am so pleased with its short little sleeveishness.  I really don't need long sleeves on this.  Short suits me and I won't get overheated in this lovely warm yarn.

Sleeve two beckons, but I know what stitch count I need and I am ready to go.  Then all that is left is for me to knit to the very last of the yarn. There will be a little bit of a crochet edging to crisp up the neckline and I will pop hooks and eyes on for closures, and I will finish at least one sweater this year. 

Its time.  That cold overnite air is telling me fall is on its way.  My favourite season.  Sweater weather.


Sandra said...

As much as I love sweaters, I am a summer girl and mourn the end of it. Fall comes a close second thiugh...
Lovely colours and design - one of those great workhorse type sweaters that will be worn and loved. Nice job.

Jessica Stevens said...

Don't let SavvyGirlMelanie know that you are crocheting. Your sweater looks lovely.