Friday, 6 September 2013

Study day

There have been a lot of people in and around my house over the last several weeks. It has been busy but these things are done now and quiet has descended.  While they were here, they cleaned corners I no longer remembered having.  There are a few things that I can't find but this doesn't bother me.  They will show up sooner or later.

What it does mean is that my study, which has a door, became a catch all for stuff that had ends that didn't fit.  Like the 3 pillows I made for my kids when they were little.  I still love them, but they really don't have a home.  Or the 3 large quilt batts that did not fit in the quilt batt container.  (What?  everybody doesn't have an overflowing quilt batt container?)  Or the two spinning wheels that usually stand in front of the fireplace. 

No, those you straight out had to hide from your mother because it is hard enough to explain the one that you left sitting out there, much less the other two. 

The study also became catch all because the satellite tv receiver in here isn't working and I was doing my knitting upstairs the last few months.  

Suffice it to say, the study is a pigsty and no where else in my house is. It is time to sort and order.  All that lovely yarn you saw over the last while needs a home and even now that I have this great big house to myself, the yarn must stay in this one space.  I vowed.  Nothing changes that vow. 

Study clean up day! Yay me.  Firefly and Downton Abbey Day to fix that tv problem and yarn.  ** and the most recent Knitmore Girls podcast. What could be better.  

I like a challenge.

**edited to add this.  I just noticed the new one was up.  Funny how weekly just escapes me.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you find all your things soon. Hope you enjoyed your day in your study too. GD