Thursday, 5 September 2013


I am feeling a strong urge to knit a sweater.  Its been a while since I felt this in any way shape or form.  I think my sweater mojo went awal last winter and I did not see hide nor hare of it till this week.

Seriously, it was the yarn.  Please forgive any fuzzy pictures here.  I am playing with a different camera which I don't know anything about yet.  I did find the books so I hope to resolve that soon.

A few things arrived and well, just looking at them makes my mouth water.

 Two of each to make the two attempts at purples yarns be enough for a sweater for me, because both of them are really quite stunning but are not purple. (The deep blues need to be much more intense and the yellow in the gray and garnet are not there at all. Undertones are everything)
 My best purple pick yet, a stunning purpley gray that is just about perfect for her. No, check that.  It is perfect for her. (Much softer and more purple, but a gray purple.)

And lastly, first try with yarn for Taiga.  I think it will work, I am not 100% sure that it is perfect.  I am going to think on it a bit.  (Richer in life than here.  More rusty and more deep olive green.  Just more intense)

So I will play with this new camera, which stands for my trusty Canon today.  I don't know where the heck I put the trusty Canon but it is about here somewhere.  I think.

and while I think about that, I will think about sweater knitting.  first up a Still light for my daughter in law, and then an Adrift for my soon to be daughter in law out of some marvelously rich Silky Wool in the stash, and then a little something for me. 

Sweater mojo,  welcome home.  how I missed you.

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