Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pepita Green

 There we are.  It isn't big yet, but it is very Pepita ish.  I love how this starts and joins into one whole before the bum balloons just enough to be charming to make space for a wee ones diapers and then ends off in tiny little feet.  It is just the sweetest little thing for babies.

The yarn is, once again, the lush Dream in Color yarn, this time, Smooshy in the colour Emerald Darkness.  Emerald Darkness might just be my  new favourite colour in the whole wide world. My new favourite colour name to be sure.  Seriously, shouldn't all darknesses be emerald?  sigh.  It is magnificent and I can't wait to see how it looks on tiny Rachelle with her dark, dark hair.

So today, there will be a little knitting. There will be coffee. (Please note, I did not say a little.)  There will be judicious and just amounts of these throughout the tasks of the day.  There is much to do before the fall arrives.  We will see if we can't get our jobs done and still have something that looks a little more like a baby garment well on its way before this day is done.

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Sandra said...

I think I've found my new favourite colourway and name as well...