Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holy Katzenjammers

I have discovered the most amazing thing.  Knitting can be used to avoid other work, that while important, is not nearly as much fun.  

Okay, I have known that about my knitting and about myself for a very very long time, but I haven't done that all summer and what is most surprising to myself, is that I did not even do it now.  

This is remarkable output from me, and I don't know where the heck this new stick to task self is coming from. 

As you see, Pepita is moving along brilliantly.  I did exactly what I set out to do.  Below the armpit join, and well and good onto the body.  I have about an inch and I have to do a few increases across the bum for diaper room.  Another few inches and then  the body is complete.  That is where I hope to be by days end today.

I love these little overalls. I love knitting for babies.  I love this green. 

Today again, there is much to do.  My sister is coming to help and to visit and to go to a bridal shower, and I have laundry to deal with so she has clean sheets for a bed.  I have some things to pack up and put away so that when my cleaner comes tomorrow, there are no mountains for her to move. I have cupboards to organize so that the garbage bags and the new recycle system is not living on the kitchen counter.  I have paperwork to fill out and do.  

Somewhere in there, there will be coffee and knitting.  There might even be wine and knitting.  There might, in fact, be too much wine, while visiting with my sister, so that the knitting is best set aside for a bit.  I look forward to a very nice day.  

But oh, there will be knitting.  Lovely, sweet green knitting. 

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