Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I keep running into her!

Yesterday, while knitting (It fit in, but only a little) , I realized how easy it is to run into the good designers, the ones that just keep people knitting and talking about knitting and firing up our creative juices.  

My little Pepita was designed by Martina Behm, one of my personal favourite designers from Ravelry.  She isn't just mine.  

11,180 Hitchhikers have been made.  

1975 Lefties have been knit. (and I predict many many more after the next winter.  I am going to contribute a few to the total.  Have yarn.  Have pattern!)

Trillian - 2149

Nuvem - 2176

And so many more.

If you don't know what to make but you need to knit, chances are that Martina has just the right little something to take the edge off.  Her work appeals.  

Yesterday, while working on little green Pepita, I ran into Martina on the Rainey Sisters blog.  Their friend, Kim, knit it and entered it into the Minnesota State Fair.  It took third in its category!  Nice work Kim.

And while listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast, Naturalich - Episode 244,  I found Martina again!  

She is everywhere and for darn good reasons.  Yes Pepita is that good.  My little green one is telling me so, just as the first one knitted did.  Just as the many more I will make over time will for all the little babies I will come to know.
 Martina's other designs are just that good too. If you have yet to discover her, just click a link, any link and enjoy.

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