Thursday, 29 August 2013


I scanned hundreds of photos yesterday.  Well, it felt like I scanned hundreds of photos.  In between the parts that needed my hands and brain, I knit.  For hours.

I now have only a dozen or so rows left till it is bum increase time.  The bum increases make plenty of room for baby's diaper.  They are not many but it poofs the bum out most charmingly.  The pattern puts them on the sides, but on my first Pepita, I forgot the increases till it was a little late in the game.  I put them all on one row on the back and it was fine. I think I will do the same thing and do the short rows she recommends as well to give it just that little bit of extra room in the bottom.  

Charming.  I am charmed by a wee pair of pants. Knitted pants!

In a lot of ways, that says everything about me that the world needs to know.

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