Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have a wedding coming up.  I have to go dress shopping.  I hate dress shopping for me.  There is just so little on the market that fits.  Maybe I could sew?  Sigh.  I know I will sort something out.  A person always does, don't they, but we don't have to like it.  It is so easy to see what is right on others and so hard to see what is right on ourselves me.  I suspect it is only me.

There was a lot of very happy green knitting yesterday.  I hope for a little today, maybe even knit group knitting.  I have to find time to get my hair cut and get my car plates renewed and meet the banker, and...and...and...

You know how that goes.  If there isn't knitting in there somewhere, I might as well just call it a day and retreat to my cave.  

So knitting there will be, not for long, but there will be knitting.

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