Monday, 15 July 2013

Just to take the edge off

I don't really need anymore yarn, but I desire it, so walking into a yarn store can be a real minefield.  I go in prepared to be strong, like the other day, when I needed a new purse/knitting bag.  I was going for the bag, I just did not mean to fill it up.

My LYS had some Namaste bags in, and I love these from the bottom of my heart so, that was taken care of right off the bat. I sat to have a cup of tea with the ladies and ...

And then...well they had Madelinetosh sock.  In tart.  I was powerless before the tart. 
And then a couple other skeins just jumped into my hands...
Trust me, that green in front and even the blue are something so much more than this picture shows.  Brilliant eye popping green Grasshopper and strong clear blue and red and purple and so much more Spectrum.  Just stunning.  They really do have to be seen to be believed.

And then some lace.  I stood a long time looking at Prairie.  Such absolutely lovely colours, such soft and inviting yarn.  I choose Jade.
Even this is washed out here in comparison to true life.  It is rich like the real jade I have in the front hall, with a little bit of brilliant green tossed in on top just for fun.

The bag I bought, which is a large bag,was full.  Not stuffed but full.  It was a wonderful day.  

And then I got the mail...but I think I will talk about that tomorrow.  I feel a little weak right now and I know there is some good stuff sitting in carts at my favourite online yarn stores, where I sometimes play fill the cart and run.  (Way more fun than bejewlwed blitz!)  I sometimes worry that those wildly extravagant fun carts will fall into my wallet.  It might be safer away from the computer.

Weak.  I am. So weak.

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Sandra said...

not weak, just a Knitter.
I cannot resist the siren call of Tart either - for a girl that loves her green, I am weak kneed in front of Tart.
But that Jade - oh my, that's gorgeous...