Friday, 12 July 2013

Please Sir, Can I have some more?

That has been my debate the last day or so.

I have done the 5 pattern repeats that the patterns asks for.  I could do the lace rows and the finishing, but I'd sort of planned to use up as much yarn as possible.  This is what I have left right now, about half way through the lace repeat (the garnet red is the only colour used on the lace section).

I've only been into the second ball of the garnet colour for a little while and I have plenty left to do another repeat of the toast stripes, maybe even two sections of stripes.  

So taking into consideration how long that last lace section took to knit properly and how much frustration I had with it, and considering that each row gets longer by several lace repeats thereby giving me many more chances to screw up, should I move ahead and knit the stripe sections till the brown is gone, taking this small shawl to something large and cozy?

My answer is yes. Even though the lace bites back.  Yes, because I am not yet done with the yarn.  I really love knitting with it and who knows when I will find more in my stash.  Yes, because I am not yet done with the pattern.  I really mean to vanquish this lace.  Yes because I like stripes?  Yes!

So, don't mind me.  I'm keeping on with Granita.  I know that it was designed for sock yarns, but seriously, you guys are missing out if you only make this with sock yarn.  It is just so perfect for Loft.

It should be noted that I really do love knitting on this shawl, even in the face of fierce competition from other things that have been calling my name.  

For details on just how fierce, you will have to wait or Monday!

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pattie in Geneseo said...

Congrats on progress!
Sometimes I make mitts to go with the shawl if I have extra yarn.