Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The continuing story of yarn

Chapter Two

Or ten thousand.  Hard to say.  There are some things I just don't want to know.

A while ago, I saw 4 Jahreszeiten - Herbst.  (Translates to 4 Seasons - Fall) I swear by all that is, I am obsessed by this pattern.  Or the yarn combination.  I don't know what it is, but I was compelled to have it.  

So I do.  I bought the pattern right out.  I never do that anymore.  
I now have the yarn.  

 Two EV skeins showing their range of colours

And two EM.

These four skeins are the other part of my stash-much-fest.  Plus one more.  A little something plain. 

That is for another shawl that has just captured my attention.  I have the green and yellow Kauni in my stash already and just needed the cream to set it off.  (You know, though I have only knit a little with Kauni so far, it is a yarn that I could knit the rest of my days with and never tire of.)

Back to the Fall shawl... The only thing I have to do is find my longest needles in a small size and I am good.  I worry that I have to finish a project in the WIP bin before I can start this, but well, what will be will be.  Maybe that is a good thing. 

It might not be an itch I can scratch immediately by starting knitting, but soon.  Very soon.  I have a baby thing or two and a sweater or two to work on but it is within sight.  

Did I mention I see long into the future?  The long view explains my stash, doesn't it.

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