Friday, 26 July 2013

Just a normal day

I woke p this morning, thinking, ah.  Today is going to be a normal day.  

It has been a pretty tough week here.  Tough in ways that I did not know there were ways of being tough. Tough over and above the word tough, yet still, you get by, you know.  Somehow instead of getting stuck in the awful parts of the days, each day resolved itself and we made it through.  I just want to say to the world, I already knew that.

So if I say that today, when I woke p, I feel like it is going to be a normal day, you know that it isn't going to have to try too hard to be normal.

I knit about 4 stitches on a sock yesterday.  Well, 16 and then 4, but that was it for the whole day.  It might have been it for the whole of two days.  Today I hope to make it to my knitting Friday.  Which is a normal thing.

That might be the only thing of the old normal in my day, and I may not make it there yet.  Who knows what the day might be though.  It takes just a moment to go off the rails, but right now, sitting in my chair, it feels like it is going to be just a normal day.

The sky is pink and blue in a normal way. The coffee is hot and just right.  Not too strong, not to weak.  I am listening to a Knitmore girls podcast.  I am blogging at a regular time.  I will knit shortly and knit for at least an hour.  

Normal.  Don't forget to relish the normal in your life.

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pattie in Geneseo said...

Hope you get more 'normal' in your life soon.