Monday, 29 July 2013

Aiming to Spin

If the last few weeks have taught me anything, it is that I can exist without a schedule, without a routine, without any underpinnings to a day.  Not well, but I can survive.

Now that things are a little steadier, I am going to try to establish a bit of a routine.  And it is going to be more than last weeks, get up, shower, visit with Mr. Needles, go home, go to bed.  I am so over that schedule.

This week, I mean to make coffee in the mornings.  This week I mean to do a little knitting before anything happens in the day.  This week I mean to eat a little more normally.  

This week, I also mean to make a little time to spin.  It might not happen before I go to see Mr.Needles, but it will happen even if I have to drag my sorry butt to sit in front of the wheel each evening.  I might have to make it sit in front of the wheel with a glass of wine and spin so that it comes to pass, but I do mean to see it come top pass.  

Surely in this nutty world, somewhere I will find the capacity to find some order and some routine.  Sigh.

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