Tuesday, 4 June 2013

On a roll here.

I don't know where my head was today, but I plumb forgot to post!

And I do have stuff to post today.  

When I was digging in all my pretty yarns and cleaning shelves in my study, I pulled out a couple of skeins of Cloud Cotton, my ultimate in worsted weight cotton yarns. Great for babies.  Great for me.  Great for blankies.  Great for you name it!

I had a bright lime green and a cream tucked in with a bunch of dishcloth type cottons.  I knew it would never be dishcloths.  It really is too nice of a yarn for that, but I never knew what I was going to do with them.  I'm not even sure how I ended up with them.  I think they followed me home.

Anyway, this happened.  

It makes a very different basket than the doubled Amazon DK did.  Cloud Cotton is a soft cotton, not verging into softly spun territory,  but it is surely a soft cotton in comparison with tightly spun, highly gassed cottons.  It makes a great basket, but it isn't going to be the sort of thing that will stand on its own.  It might be better to call this one a bag. 

I love how it looks though.  I love that crisp green between those soft creamy openings.  All kinds of pretty.  The bottom of the bag is stunning.  

OK, maybe stunning isn't the right word.  Fun?  Spiraly?  Well, I had a lot of fun making it that is for sure.  I think my basket kick is over though.  Maybe.  I do have other yarns that might make great baskets so you never know.

I also kept that marvelous skein of Alpaca out.   

I have spent many hours thinking about that.  It might just have called loudly enough that I need to work with it.  So today, I am busy checking out patterns and am working on finding just the right thing.  

There is knitting, never doubt that.  Its just that where I am now on both my sweaters are not the interesting parts.  Its the long garter and the long stockinette. Just not that interesting right now.  One of them soon will be though.  I have high hopes of a finished object in a day or so.  

That is me.  Always optimistic. Always hopeful.  Never quite believing till it is actually complete.

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