Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Flash of Inspiration

I have a sad story to tell.  My 1300 metres of lovely alpaca is still without a pattern.  I spent almost the whole afternoon going through pages and pages of patterns.  Time to hit the books.  My books that is.  I am sure that somewhere among them or somewhere among my trove of magasines, there is the perfect project for this lovely yarn.  If not I guess I will just have to create the perfect thing.

I don't buy many magasines any more.  I already had to move a few stacks of book out so that I had room for yarny things.  Not knitting books, but other books.  I also had to cull the vast store of a lifetime of schlock novels.  (I have my favourites still, but I am pretty picky and even the schlock has to have a good story behind it to carry its schlockiness.  I recycled boxes and boxes of of those.) No new magasines = more yarny things and I would rather have the yarn.

If I do buy a mag, I buy it digitally.  And though I love having access, I miss not having paper sometimes.  The odd special thing pops in when I am weak.  I was weak today.  I was getting groceries in an unfamiliar store and came across the new Noro Magasine.  Confession:  I should have bought it at my yarn store, but... but... I was weak.  Mea Culpa, ladies. I am sorry, but I could not help it.   Powerless in front of the force of the Noro.

I have no idea how long this issue has been out but Oh.  My .  Goodness.

There are a couple of interesting dresses.  There are some very pretty shawls.  There is a symphony of corals and oranges and reds in a delightful collection of things. Holly Yeoh, one of my favourite designers,  has a really great sweater with a lovely little angled pattern in this section.) There is pattern play with crochet and some baby things too.  Very, very nice.

What hits it right out of the ballpark, what sends the issue soaring to the skies,  is 'String Theory', a section of innovative shaping, innovative colour blocking, innovative changes of directions of all kinds.

There are at least 3 that my fingers are aching to knit.  There are at least 2 sweaters that I will knit for me  and that is a rare thing for someone who doesn't fit the size range in any magasine anywhere. For everybody else, just knit the whole section so that I can just admire the glory of them all, OK?

Heck even if you don't knit them out of Noro, the tops will still be interesting knits.  This is the nicest on paper inspiration I have had in a good long while.

So if you are feeling the sluggishness of summer and if you usually go light on the knitting front  while lounging at the cabin or on the beach, well, just don't.  Get thee some Noro.  Get thee to a yarn store and pick up this magasine.  Or be horrid and get it from the grocery store like I did.  Just get it.  You are missing out if you don't.

And yes, it is new.  As I write this, the patterns are not even all loaded into Ravelry.  Here is the Noro Magazine Link for your viewing pleasure! Click on the arrows and see them all.

Time well wasted.

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Brendaknits said...

LOL. I clicked on yesterday's post to comment on the cotton and up came your post about the Noro magazine. Timing. That is quite the issue. I could only imagine the cost of some of those dresses.