Monday, 3 June 2013

Garden. Check

We did finally get the garden in, but just to let you know the weather did not let itself down, it did rain in the morning.  We came prepared for tricky weather and had coffee in the car till the shower moved on by.  Just the bedding plants to do this week.  And a few trees to put in.  Son2 came and helped, and without him, I doubt we would be done before the end of July!  What a great guy though.  He gave up a day of his holidays to help us get it all done.

I had a few little aches (if you can hear my peanut gallery laughing, you will translate that correctly) and so I took it easy.  I finished the little bag (see the post from yesterday!), and all day Sunday I took it easy.  Easy doesn't mean what most people think it means.  Easy means I did this.

 by which I mean I went through the yarns and cleaned the shelf and closet.  While I did this, I made sure to stir things up.
I reacquaint myself with all my delicious yarns. That is why this is an easy job.  It isn't hard to remember this.  Sigh.

And this.  It's an alpaca lace from a small mill in Saskatchewan.  Stunning stuff.

Hard not to love it.  I wish you could feel it.  I would knit it immediately if I could figure out what is going to show off its beauty best. This is a problem with a lot of my stash.  What will do it justice?

This cleaning thing also means I got to play in the sweater yarn stash.   And the miscellaneous stash. And the sock stash, which isn't stash at all, but an everyday necessity.

What a great way to spend a weekend.  Playing in the dirt and playing in the stash. It doesn't get better than that.   

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