Thursday, 6 June 2013

I mentioned a week or so ago, that I was thinking of picking up y Daybreak to work on or a while.  At that time, I could not find the pattern.  Funny the things you find when cleaning off your shelves!

Pattern in hand, I picked up the scarf again and started to work on it.
I read the whole pattern over and that is when it hit me.  I couldn't just pick up and re-work the striped section as I planned.  There was a fatal flaw in the plain section, a fatal flaw, that comes only from not reading the pattern well enough, and just forging ahead doing it anyway.

Still, it is a nice yarn to work with so it could be worse.  

Knitting is so often a revelation to me.  I can see my little quirks and flaws reflected as if it was a mirror.  Forging ahead, pretty sure that I know what I am doing, coming close but never really right on?  True of me all the time.  

It sure does explain my cooking. In cooking you don't get to pull it back as you do in knitting.  Pity.  

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