Friday, 7 June 2013

Round Three

Sigh.  No.  Not my round three, but I tell you,this round three sure does make me cranky.

I lost the bag containing the Daybreak shawl yesterday.  I was pretty sure I had taken it upstairs in the afternoon, when I was going outside to knit in the fresh air.  

I looked on the deck, I looked in the kitchen, I looked all over the livingroom.  I looked in my bedroom and the bathrooms.  Could not find it.  I even looked in the laundry room.  It was not to be found.  I was a little disappointed at that.  I really felt like knitting on it.

So I picked up a the pretty little tutu dress for my Sweet Thing.  Did I mention how much I enjoy knitting with Cascade Pima Tencel?  I highly recommend it.  It is a very different knitting experience than working with your average cotton based yarn.  Yummy in many ways.  

I had a lovely time working with it.  Only a little more time and it will be time to start the ruffly bit. I was looking forward to it again today.  I was still mystified by my missing project, but I was sure it would show up.

I came down to my study after having coffee with Mr. Needles this morning, and guess what?  It showed up. Right there on my desk.  Beside my computer.  Under one magasine.  Nothing else around it.

Obviously cranky started yesterday and I was busy being cranky rather than disseminating the lumps and bumps on the desk in my study.  I was so sure I took it upstairs that it never even registered when I was down here.  More the fool me and I feel sheepish even with no one looking.  Sheepish even if I was sitting in the wooliest place in the house.

Sheepish. Maybe that is my natural state?

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