Friday, 21 June 2013

Found and Pretty, The Tale of a Good Day

See it right there in the corner?  Top of the pile.  All I had to do was move a couple of things that have been in the way the last week or so.  Now I can clear up the needle mess on the desk and maybe even find order in the study!

In the meantime, I played in yearn pile yesterday. (I typed yearn instead of yarn.  I'm keeping it)  I did some other less savoury things, but mostly I played in yarn.  Come along.

I have managed to accumulate a few more delicious yarns on my desktop over the last few months.  I do want to knit with them, but just having them sit here and bug me?  Not profitable to a sound knitting life. Time to put them away.  

Put away now, but this rash of putting away allowed me to play in the laceweight yarns.  

Some other pretty things I played with as I found room.

Some very pretty things, indeed.  Oh that there were hours enough to knit them all today.

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