Thursday, 20 June 2013

Somewhere along the line

Somewhere along the line, I developed a very painful carpal tunnel injury.  Bummer.

I am pretty sure that knitting is not the primary source of it.  I could knit for days and all my hands get is tired.  I think it was a computer based injury.  It is my mousing hand and there is something in the set up of my laptop, that my hand does not like.  

So, the search is on for the hand brace that will help fix it, and once I have that I should be able to knit a little.  I really need to knit right now and I really need to knit things where I don't have to think.  

Thinking is not always a good thing in knitting.  Sometimes knitting is about blocking out the rest of the world, and not letting anything into my safe place.  Sometimes knitting is about thinking and letting the bad stuff in because when you knit you can better vanquish the stuff you don't want to let in, and you can sort it into its proper place.  

Knitting is as it has always been.  A place of refuge, a place of consolation, a place where I can sort everything into its proper perspective.  Knitting is also where I make my biggest messes and I still have stuff allover my floor and where I still have not found my Addi Needle case.  Bummer.

On the upside, if I have really put the case somewhere easy to 'find', a stash and shelf dive ought to fix that, and I have a couple days with nothing more required of me than sitting here at home.  

Some good, some bad, everything as usual or it will be soon enough.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Whenever I run into a knit designer or professional sample knitter I always ask whether they have wrist troubles. I've never found on that did. They all assign it to the fact they move around all over the place knitting rather than having one chair or place. Different locations prompt different positions that then make them use their hands just that little bit differently to avoid overuse.

Of course the old mouse at the desk makes that problem unavoidable doesn't it?

In other words - I think you must be right - don't blame the knitting! Take care!