Tuesday, 28 May 2013

While waiting and in between

Last Friday I believe I mentioned how chilly it was.  It remained that way and rained and spit just enough, hence the gardening.  While I waited for the sun to shine again, I knit.

I worked on the Icelandic Overblouse from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knit One, Knit All.  I hope I like wearing it as much as I like knitting it.  

I've just stared the sleeve increases, part of this magic in the pattern. It does't look like much yet, but in a few more rows, that corner will force itself into existence, and turn to go the other way.  

I love that about this sweater.  It's like turning a sock heal and just keeping on going.  It isn't like a heel technically, but it just brings me that same joy.

Interesting change of direction, little spot just after a colour change.  It is very pleasing indeed.  My kind of knitting.


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Sel and Poivre said...

We've got the cold rainy stuff now. I'm wearing a worsted wool pullover today! Just in from a walk in the chilliness, the overblouse sounds nicely cozy!