Monday, 27 May 2013

Modus Operandi for a New Age

A lovely little rain on the weekend means I get to spend my day gardening.  If I am lucky, I will have some gumption left at the end of the day to do a little knitting.  I expect slow going because Mr. Needles is away this week.  So no water man, and the water is going to be my biggest challenge.  

I have come up with a whole new modus operandi and for a very good reason.  I have booked to go to KnitLab in the fall with a friend, and I am really looking forward to it.  The class list is fantastic and I am looking forward to the market.  It is a newer event but it sounded like the market was pretty good last year.  Even if the market was awful, there are some fantastic shops in the general area.  A Verb for Keeping Warm is a destination of its very own, and I can think of a few others just off the top of my head.  The Bay area is rife with knitters.  I need to save my pennies for travel buying.  

I have some really nice stuff here in the deep stash  So many lovely things just crying to be knit and played with.  What I no longer have is a lot of room for new acqusitions.  My new modus operandi will take care of these concerns and it will take care of saving pennies for travel buying.  

My new operational procedure is thus:  If I feel the urge to buy yarn, I give myself permission to start something new.  Right there, start something new.  No guilt that there are a hundred things sitting in my WIP basket.  No guilt that I haven't finished anything in a coons age or that I already have 14 projects on the go and a 15th waiting to be added to Ravelry.  Just the absolute freedom to knit with the lovely stuff I have.  Who knows.  I may give myself  permission to break into the Tove stash.  

I started a little scarf last week that led me to this.  I had picked up my snoozing Daybreak in the inimitable Fresco from Classic Elite, but my head couldn't wrap itself around the increases and what I was doing versus what the pattern was doing.  I needed to think about it and my head was not ready for deep thought.  I tried a couple other things, but nothing was working.

One of my knitting compadres was having a wonderful time knitting Montego Bay scarves.  So pretty and light and summery.  I knew that I had the pattern.  It was in the very first knitting magazine I ever bought and I thought, you know, I have the yarn.  I could whip one of these up for a little fun.  So I did.  

It looks a little like a rats nest of knitting here, but it really is pretty.  Its is a single skein of HandMaiden Sea Silk in colours that remind me of rose gardens.  I have no idea what this colours proper name is, but for me is is always that.  Rose Garden.  The scarf will be another in the store of things to pretty up my very plain wardrobe.

It felt so refreshing to start something, so clean and new.  I was utterly content and that led me to thinking about how to deal with my regular scheduled trouble with 'needing' new yarn.  I know I need to save up some funds.  I am currently looking for work.  I now have the time to take this trip but funding is tight.  No matter how many projects I end up with, no matter how many things I never fully commit to, no matter how many sweaters and shawls and socks end up in bags on the floor round my feet, it is OK.  I can start something new each time I get the urge to purchase yarn.  It isn't irresponsible.  It is needed and it is OK.  

I see only one problem.  Needles.  I am going to run out of needles.


Sandra said...

that's why I just bought more needles...

Brendaknits said...

Can you link to the retreat information? You never know - this Ontario kniitter has never been on a retreat. It's about time.