Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stuff and Nonsense.

Yesterday was errand day. I had a few things to pick up at the fabric store to get ready for the upcoming sewing marathon and some other things to do.  I got done faster than I thought, so I had time to stop at the yarn store.  I know.  Shakes head at self.  Tries to convince self that it is stuff that I really needed.

I did buy one thing that I really needed.  Pink cotton.  It has to go with the lone ball of ruffle yarn I will ever have. 
I like ruffle yarn well enough.  Like everything, it has its place and it has its community of ruffle scarf knitters who absolutely love it.  I'm just not a member of that community. (Nor would I have been a member of the fuzzy eyelash yarn scarf community)  But that doesn't mean that I don't think about how I would use them.  It is yarn, and I do think about yarn.  

This ruffly blue pink and white behemoth ball of ruffle yarn called to me one day while I was wondering through the yarn store, and said 'tutu'.  Ruffly, fluffy, girly goodness.  Don't you think that would make the most brilliant skirt?  Long drop waisted bodice with a ruffly bottom skirt?  The perfect summer dress for a little girly girl. Or a not girly girl, just a little girl who needs a dress.  Ever since my Sweet Thing has appeared on the scene, I am seeing the most amazing things in the most unusual yarns.  So I needed the pink cotton to fulfill my imagination.

I also had to pick up some stuff I special ordered.  River City has a yarn line of the most sinful kind, Eden.  I knit a really lovely Multnomah a couple winters ago for a lady I worked with who was always cold, and oddly enough, this last office I worked in has another lady who is also always chilly. I had been wanted some Eden to make her a special something too.  I tried to get some a few times, when I knew they had stock, but each time, I would miss out on the blue.  The blue, called Nightfall, is really in demand.  Blue is a colour that everybody loves, not the pastel blue mind, but this rich royal to midnight and everything in between. I don't like to do it, but I ended up special requesting the blue. 
The picture is pretty good, but really, it cannot begin to capture its range and depth.  

And then I had to stop and check out a new display of Noro.  I was enjoying the viewing in a kind of remote 'not going to buy you' way, right up till I noticed a small bowl of Taiyo, tucked behind the other baskets.  
I thought I was safe.  I have some Taiyo.  I really don't 'need' any more.  But it was lace, Taiyo lace.  840 m of Taiyo summery goodness.  A Noro sucker punch.  It hit right in my weak spot.  Lace.  Sigh.  

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Sandra said...

I was dragged kicking and screaming into both those communites for a short period - When you knit for others, you end up having to knit what others want...
But... I would make the skirt you propose for a girly girl! What a brilliant use of that yarn - a tutu!!
And the Eden and Noro lace? Yes, please...