Friday, 3 May 2013

Before we go all girly girl

We have to make some things.  Still for my wee Sweet Thing, and still hand made, still fibre, but definitely different than anything you have seen on this blog before.

Today, we are making teething beads, aka nursing beads, aka chew beads and a bunch of other names.  It isn't really a pattern, indeed, finding 'how to' came via a website that I can't find again.  And they don't seem to be making many waves here in the western hemisphere.  In the East, it is a whole other kettle of fish.  They are very popular.  

We start with basic wooden beads.  We are using a couple of sizes for fun but you don't have to.

Then we are going into the very very large stash of embroidery thread.  DMC we love you.

Get out your medium fine crochet hooks, and away you go.  I'm using a full 6 strands of floss and a 1.5 mm hook.  I tend to crochet loosely, so keep that in mind.

You start with a slip knot or any way to form a circle that you prefer and a number of stitches dependant on your bead size. For these 25 mm beads, I am starting with 8 stitches.  The next round you crochet two single in each stitch. Next round, crochet two singles in one stitch, then crochet one single in one, and repeat around.  Then you crochet evenly till you are about 3/4 of the way up the ball.  Then you decrease using the same decrease rate as you increased, down to 8 stitches and done.  

Once you have all your beads done, you string them up on something nice and sturdy.  I have seen them crocheted chains, on  ribbon,  anything that is baby friendly and safe to chew on.  

You could make the colours be anything you want them to be.  There are no rules.  I am using stripes because they are easy and fun.  You could make this be a necklace that matches a mom's clothing or is just for kid fun as this one is.  You can make these be playground or high fashion.  Either way, they will be loved by babies. 

Or at least by my Sweet Thing.  She is doing a fine job on this coaster. 
She'll chew on anything!

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