Friday, 24 May 2013

A Canadian morning

Its May, late, but still May.  

I have my socks on, a sweater and a turtleneck.  Pants too of course but it wouldn't be far wrong to say I am seriously thinking about putting on some long johns.  It's chilly but far far from furnace weather.  The problem is that in spring, the upstairs warms, and the basement stays cold.  This is really great on the hot hot days of summer, but in spring and fall?  Not so much.  She is chilly here in the study.  Deeply chilly.  

With the weather changing to a few days of showers - I fondly hope - my hands haven't been working up to snuff.  Or maybe it was the sweater sleeves.  I worked a little on the Domino sweater sleeves and hated every single moment of it.  These sleeves are going to be as short as will look decent.  I even tried switching to dpns but the yarn just doesn`t like to slip through itself at all.   It is better but still not great.  

Most of my knitting yesterday was sock knitting, that safe place when all else is crap.

What a good pick this is for this yarn. It just takes these long colour runs and turns them into interesting texture sections.  I am very pleased with it,

I can`t usually knit it in public, though I do try.  I usually find that I do OK for a round or two and then fall apart and purls become knits and good knits go bad.  But yesterday, I accomplished tons and that feels really good.

I am going to go back to knitting on recalcitrant sleeves and if that isn`t working, I am going to work with wool.  Surely this chilly bit of weather is wool weather.

We are a wool weather nation.  And that is a good thing.  ;)

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Brendaknits said...

Our house is called a bi-level . Directly inside the front door, steps lead you either up to the main or down to the lower. The difference in temperature between the two levels, I am sure is sometimes 20'. We have an electric fireplace in the lower level and it it on most evenings - for about 10 months of the year.