Thursday, 30 May 2013

A serious question. Sort of.

The weather is playing with my mind and at this rate that garden won't need water till July.  Every little puffy gray thing that passes overhead pours like there is no tomorrow.  Not that there is for clouds I suppose.  

For some reason (it might have been all those garter stitch ridges) I picked up the spring sweater I am working on.  When we last left that sweater, I was struggling to knit sleeves.  The catchy grabby yarn and I were not enjoying each others company.  I decided to try the top on and see how it looked with the length of sleeve I had.  And voila. It looked great.  I did a few rows of reverse stockinette and bound off.  The other sleeve was completed in short order.

I'm back to knitting the body with its long sloping neckline.  I think its going to start going at a slightly sharper angle after 2 more increases.  I'd like it to be wide on the fronts to wrap over and close off center, somewhere not too far below my bust line.  I'm happy with the deep slope of the neckline, but there isn't a whole lot of room between bust and waist here.  The slope has to move quick to make it there on time lest it be closing on my hips!

I'm back to liking the fabric.  Its kind of funny how awful it was in the small circumference, but on the wide open, the knits and purls just sing along.  

I am thinking of making a camisole like top for this.  It has to be in white, and I am eyeing 6 skeins of precious 1824 Cotton, that nice wobbly looking cotton from the now defunct Mission Falls.  I don't have enough to make a whole top, so here is the question I ask of you.

Is it terminally geeky and  bad like a dickie, to knit the front of a camisole and sew it into the sweater? Fess up.  Would you love yourself less if you did it?  


Sel and Poivre said...

"Dickies" are all bad all the time ( I had a whole selection of them back in the day!) but adding to the sweater to make it more wearable could be good I think! Especially if its a knitted addition!

Brendaknits said...

As tempting as that sounds, probably yes - I wouod love myself less.

Christine said...

I always feel a little geeky or old-fashioned or terminally unfashionable when I wear a "fooler" top, but really, they're the best. Especially in summer when you want to look like you have layers but would boil to death if you actually did. Also excellent for people like me who look terrible in V-necks. I've even been eyeing those gimmicky fake cami tops that just attach to your bra straps and fill in the space in a V-neck, and thinking they're not a bad idea at all, so I'm clearly on the side of going for it!