Friday, 31 May 2013

And when your hands are tired of knitting

You crochet! 
 Not perfectly, but it will be close enough.  This is probably the only time I will ever see the bottom of this basket.

And then you crochet more...

You kind of go crazy till your hands can't crochet any more either.  

This gives you some idea of the scale of it and the eventual use for it.  You can never have too many baskets for works in progress or for yarn.  The farther I go on this, the more I like it.  Much more than a simple companion ot the little box I did a few weeks ago.

The basket pattern is from Purl Soho , just s simple little Crocheted Stash Basket/Bag.  It is part of the Savvy Girls 100th episode Crochet ALong. (CAL)  The yarn is 100% cotton Amazon DK held double.  I think I will have enough to do another little bag if I single strand it.  Half size.  Fine for a sock project. 

The mornings work was on the summer top, which is going to look fine.  Really fine if I am lucky.  I knit all morning and did the bag in just a few hours this afternoon. 

All this hand work means that it rained today and the garden still isn't in.  The soil is going to need to be worked up again. That means waiting for Mr. Needles.  It is going to be a long weekend.  Maybe even next week.  And so it goes.


Sandra said...

pretty, pretty. Maybe I should use up some of my cotton soon...

Sel and Poivre said...

This project of yours makes me want to find a hook and get started on one of my own!