Friday, 5 April 2013

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back.

I'm still envisioning knitting with that new bouquet.  Ah to dream...

Well, moving along, and yes I am.  I have not worked on Paulette's scarf.  I have to start the new lace pattern and its going to take a little thinking to get the patterns triangle fitting properly into my straight.  I also have to set up for the side lace, which isn't hard, but I'm going to need the right number of stitches to set up proper lace placement.  

There will be a bit of charting in my future.  Its a good challenge.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have been working on my Clapotis.  I did 2 inches the other day, and was thrilled with myself.  Yup, I felt pretty darn good, right up until I tried to drop the stitch.  I worked it closed.  Sigh.  
The needle tip is pointing right at it.  Instead of dropping the stitch I worked a decrease.  You can just see the dark purple v shaped base of the stitch, sitting right there where it isn't supposed to be.  

I am pretty sure I have done this before on this project, its such a nice basic screw up that I can't see me only doing it once, but I don't remember at all, how I resolved it.  Did I rip back or drop some stitches down and fix it?

I am going to try door number two first, to drop stitches down along the edge till I get to where the error is, fix it, and reknit those stitches.  Piece of cake...?  Maybe.

It really helps when I look at these things as an adventure.  

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