Thursday, 4 April 2013


Yesterday, a lady in the office received a big bouquet of flowers.  Not just any flowers, but a bundle of calla lilies.  Somebody likes her a lot.

But it started me thinking of a perfect world, where somebody could call up YTD (Yarn Telegraph Delivery though I suppose the more modern name ought to be Yarn Transworld Delivery)  and send a big bouquet of perfect yarn to their sweetie, or someone who did some great work, or someone they were courting or their mom.  Wouldn't that be sweet?

I imagine getting a big basket with some green alpaca and silk blend hanks, like stems of a flower, topped off with something with a sheen, some shiny smooth silk or a really glossy cotton, (Its my vision, I like cotton, work with me) in a rich cherry red interspersed with sprays of white linen laceweight and tiny brilliant yellow stitch markers accenting the whole.  There would be a card held in the center of the bouquet with a pair of bright green signature needles (Its fantasy.  I can have anything I want!)  and the card would read...Well, you just insert what you think appropriate here.  

Wouldn't it be nice to be sitting at your regular office desk, doing your regular work, and suddenly there is a delivery guy giving you a basket of yarnie goodies?  

It wouldn't work of course.  Its a little too much of a niche market, and local stores would have to stock particular kinds of yarns but wouldn't it be nice?

Of course, I would take the flowers too, who wouldn't.  That is pretty nice too.  Still, in a perfect yarny good world...

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Sandra said...

It would be perfect, except I don't think my boss would be appreciative of me dropping my work to knit with my new bouquet...