Friday, 19 April 2013

More weather stuff

The funny thing about the 'spring' pictures is that this is just my yard and my subdivision.  Though there are big banks where it drifted out and about, the rest of the snow is pretty much gone.  

This photo is from one of the highway cams just south of the city, but the scene is pretty representative of the whole area.  ALmost no snow.

It makes things even worse to know that all I have to do to have winter is to turn into my subdivison.  

Completely unfair.  

I would usually be going to knitting with friends this afternoon, but my Sweet Thing is coming to visit me, so it is going to be a stay at home day.  I expect a little knitting, a little coffeeing and then a whole lot of playing with my favourite little person, till both of us are just pooped out.

In reply to the comments:  Yes sister, it is the price we pay.

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Anonymous said...

The snow may linger longer in the shade but it is such a lovely place. GD