Monday, 22 April 2013

A Clean weekend

I did some cleaning of a small chest I have in my study. That it took the better part of a day, will tell you how stuff was crammed in there.

Anyway, I was putting stuff back in the drawers, and was wishing for some of those handy little divider things that Ikea has.  I stopped and had a coffee and realized, that since the ones I was thinking of looked like crochet, and surely these could be crocheted.  In fact when I thought about it, somewhere in the deep archives, I have an old Bernat book on things for the home that has all kind of boxes in it.  And with the stuff for puppets out, I knew I had the cotton.  

I took a Dk weight cotton, Amazon, I think it was called.  I have had this since long before my knitting days, long before Ravelry.  I made a really nice little hooded top out of it.  I digress.

I took this generic cotton and held it double and crocheted a square for the bottom, nice and firm.   

 Then I picked up around all sides just as if I was knitting a garter stitch sock toe, 1 for each stitch on all sides, and just worked till I thought it was tall enough.  When it was tall enough, I crocheted in a row of double crochets, and then a couple more rounds of singles. 
 and voila.  In less than an hour, using what I had on hand a very fine box for keeping little things.
The double crochet row eases the turn down of the top edge to help reinforce the standing sides.

It was a very interesting excersize.  Only one problem.

I need more boxes.  


Sel and Poivre said...

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Sandra said...

You can always throw a few this way! I love those!

Anonymous said...

That's great. I recognize the other box too. GD