Thursday, 18 April 2013

Flashing Spring

All sorts of friends are posting signs of spring in their yards.  Dainty delicate snowdrops and grape hyacinth, stalwart daffodils, masses of mushrooms.  I love seeing these.  It is hugely encouraging.

Till I look outside.  

Because this is what my yard looks like this morning.  

Back deck

East side, this side gets a fair bit of sun, so it isn't looking too bad.

West side.  Gets almost no sun.  It takes a long time for this to go.

  This is about as springlike as it gets around here.  The grass really is green.  True fresh green. With a fresh topping of snow.

I'm not even showing you the front yard.  Much too depressing.

And that is spring in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  In truth, in comparison to many parts of Saskatchewan, Alberta can't even hold up its head.  Saskatchewan is going to have to melt out double this, or more.

In keeping with the season, I am knitting something appropriately spring like.

Rowan Cocoon.  Small warm scrunchy thick scarf.  It will do many wraps around me neck for extra warmth.

I know spring is out there somewhere.  That was green grass after all by the spruce tree.  And the geese are here even if the water is still covered by ice.  And I have heard a crow or two.  I know that winters back is broken, but it is going to take a little time till it really feels like spring has arrived.


Sel and Poivre said...

We have the crocus up etc. but once again I am just back from a walk with the dog that had a bitter east wind finding all the wee holes in my apparel so that the whole walk is just miserably cold. For me, even the sight of the odd crocus isn't helping that! I feel your pain.

Brendaknits said...

Old man winter isn't leaving town very quickly here either. Although today it went from 2' to 25' to 8' in a matter of hours.

christine said...

You've inspired me. I did a signs of spring post on my blog today, in hopes of making you feel like you're not alone!