Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I had been working on puppets for my nephews kids.  They are turning out nicely, but for the ones that were supposed to be bears.  I don't like how the heads are working.  It is past time for these puppets to be complete, so I am starting them over.

But not bears.  Minions.  and a link in case you are not familiar with the modern minion.  Instant minion love.

I started over with some doubled up Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK.  That shoulod balance with the yellow Cloud Cotton that I have...somewhere.

There have been two skeins of yellow cotton have been lying around the study for a couple of years.  I kept thinking I'll put them in the dishcloth cotton box, only when I would get to that box, it seemed wrong to put it in there.  Its a really great yarn. I might use it for something nice.  There is 300 metres after all and long after they should have been, they remained at the bottom of the yarn basket.

Only now that I am looking for them, they aren't there.  I cannot believe that I put them away.  Would I have stuck them with the other cloud cotton?  Maybe in the box with the baby yarn?
Cottom and linen yarn wall?  I may never clean the study again.

I am going to have to rip my whole study apart to find it and it has to be soon.  I want to deliver these puppets this week.

In old cartoon parlance, foiled again.  I wish I had minions to help me find it.

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