Monday, 15 April 2013

How odd

It has been some time since I wrote a blog post from home. Almost all of them in the last year were written at work, in what I might call my coffee time. It wasn't though. It was just a very quiet job. It feels odd to be writing from here again.  Odd, but good.  I guess I will have to clean off my desk if I am going to live here for a while.

I have some appointments and then Tuesday morning, I will be starting my job search once again.  In the mean time, we had a nice snowstorm this weekend and it made for a do nothing weekend, so I sat and knit and knit and knit.  And guess what happens when you knit and knit.

Funny how that happens!  

I am really pleased with how the lace is going.  I switched colours at the beginning of the transition chart.  Because of the construction of this piece, I could come into that chart in the middle, right at the base of the flowers.  I was a little worried about how that would look, not knowing that I could skip some of that chart.  This works out perfectly for colour, better than I hoped for.  I like how the lace looks too.  It isn't always as showy as it could be, but I think this will be fine.  I hope Paulette does too.  It will look lovely on her dark hair.

The faux blocking also shows how very pretty the star pattern is. A person could easily entertain a cardigan in that little pattern.  

Not that I am right now.  I am sticking virtuously to knitting socks and my Clapotis.  The intensity 0f the lace demands a break, and Clapotis is the perfect offset project.  

Anyway, that is what is happening here at Chez Needles.  It might have been crappy weather, but it sure was great for knitting!  

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Brendaknits said...

Make sure you look for the same kind of job this time around.