Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Me and my Minions.

After an exhaustive search, oh alright, it took only minutes, I found the yellow I was looking for.  First bag of generic yarns, rather than the carefully sorted general bags of stash yarns.  Once the right stuff was in hand, it was on to knitting. Two minion bodies are complete but for the arms and the faces.

It also needs the straps on the pants, which will be knit after and sewn in place and the black band holding the goggles on.  

I might make one of the bodies longer (imagine a neck), but I won't really know that till I knit the arms.  There has to be enough room on the head for the googley eyes, but I don't want it too tall that the head flops on the kids smaller hands.

Generally, I think the sock type puppets are going to be easier for kids to play with, and might make these guys a few more down the road.  

But these guys are going to be cute!  

Cute counts.

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Brendaknits said...

It looks cute already.