Friday, 12 April 2013

A final day

This is my last day at this particular job with its oodles of time for meandering through Raverly, and writing long posts while I am working, and general goofing off because it is quiet.  I'm glad I am done.  

So if you are just getting used to my posting schedule, sorry, but it is about to change.  Before I took this job, I was posting in the evening just before I crawled into my jammies, and I suspect that is what will happen now.  But then, you never really know.  It could be a little up and down till I am settled into a new position.

Till I land that new position, I am looking forward to some good knitting time.  

Do you know I haven't finished a major project yet this year?  Do you realize that I haven't finished a single sweater in 2013?  I have completed two small shawls, one baby sweater and one cowl.  That is it. Ooops. One pair of socks too, but they were more than half done so it hardly counts as a major anything.  

No wonder I feel a little drippy about my knitting.  I have always known that finishing is much of the fun, and starting new things is even better.  No, this year, I haven't done zip, not much starting, not much knitting.  There are a hundred and one reasons, but mostly, I am just bored to tears in this job and it is affecting everything.  

So, no more boredom, no more lackadaisical knitting, no more forever projects.  I must finish Paulettes scarf and then one of the sweaters, but after that, I will knit whatever my little heart desires.  And what it desires changes daily.

I feel energized and oh so ready to zip to the next big thing.

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